Monday, October 03, 2005

And life just gets more complicated...

I appreciate having Rey and Nathan here. Those two guys have really added a lot of joy to this place for the three of us. I have to tell you though part of me has to admit, I am nostalgic for the time when Bola, Sam and I were the three amigos and spent a sisterly amount of time together. Don't get me wrong. This doesn't no longer happen soley because the guys moved here. There are unfortunately many sadder twists and turns to that peice. But I miss the freedom I felt with us as a trio. We used to laugh, cry, express and share so completely. There is now distance, lack of time, awkwardness in a space that used to have so much warmth.

Why does life get so complicated that as much as you love people you can't be on the same page? Don't get me wrong, I have no desire to cry you a river. My life has love in it. I am just coming off this really great weekend. I did so much stuff, had so much fun. Between our mini-bar crawl, to frisbee golf, birthday dinner for Nathan and quiz night on Clement we had more then enough to fill the last two days.

I just wonder when the feeling of having my girls as a part of my family dissapated. It just all feels so diseperate right now. Ebbs and tides I guess.