Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finding A Map

So I have this horrible sense of direction, I think in part, I was never shown the virtue of creating your own plan. Much less the virtue in asking for assistance in creating a plan. This weekend, I met a woman who totally gave me the greatest gift. She showed me how to create a space in my life for me. It was phenomenal. I felt so understood and validated. She sat there and she taught me how to treat myself in the same way I treat the program that I run. How as first generation immigrants who are service professionals, it is very natural to not know how to seperate ourselves from our work. She let me know how vital it is to take care of myself not just for my existance but for the strengthening of my abilities... in all aspects of life.

Home girl BROKE IT DOWN for me. I'm floored and thankful. The 40 things you see below is my first step. I am starting to plan out what I want for Karla. And not in that "its new years and I need to do for me for once" kinda way" But in the "I have a plan and its time to move to action for the sake of my survival" kinda way.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I am open to any input really. I look forward to wrapping my brain around all this and telling you more.

All my love,


The Signs

Ladies and gentlmen, God is good.

I really have no idea how she finds me in the randomest ways to show me, "hey guess what, you're an ass, of course I didn't abandon you." But she does. And for this I am oh so grateful. Just last week I told my friend Rey, "I'm hitting another wall. This can't be it, my whole life can't revolve around my job, I love it, but its not enough. I need help and I don't even begin to know where to go." And since that moment, I have been inundated with not only gifts for how to get through that feeling, but reasons as to how I got there in the first place. Just tonight, one of my favorite authors asked on her blog "Have any of you, my faithful readers, experienced the challenges of being an American daughter with traditional Latin American parents? How did you handle it? What were the concerns your family had?"

Through that question I was able to read the opinions of women who have had much of the same life experiences with their parents and struggled to peice together what that means to them.

Monday, February 20, 2006

43 Things