Monday, December 25, 2006

New Years Resolutions, Round 1

1. I will have a longer term dating life then my standard 3 weeks.
2. I will upgrade my wardrobe all year.
3. I will find a physical activity that I enjoy that isn't seasonal that I will do regularly.
4. I will hike at least once a month.
5. I will discover more places in the city I enjoy.
6. I will go out at least three times a month to a non-bar/dance place.
7. I will go out at least once to a bar/dance place.
8. Create non-negotiable boundaries with my job and friends.
9. Figure out how to stop my "all or nothing" habit. Look into where it comes from.
10. Learn how to say no without feeling guilty.
11. Stop letting other peoples needs and wants from coming before my own.
12. Stop allowing myself to feel like a bad person when I say no to someone.
13. Learn how to say no up front instead of when I've maxed myself out.
14. See more plays.
15. See more live music.
16. Cook more.
17. **** *** (thats a private one)


Anonymous said...

Saying no is tough - but you gotta ask yourself, "who are you really afraid of disappointing?" I find that it normal works it's way around to not wanting to disappoint myself. I fear that if I say "no" then that person will in turn do something to "get back at me". It's a bad habit, and a really hard one to break. You've got such a big heart, Karla, shower yourself with some of the love you show everyone else!!! Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I know what number seventeen iiissss... hahaha. If we were playing hang man, you'd be hung 'coz I'd get it in one take! :3 ) Luv ya, meant it!