Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rain and lessons learned

So I made healthy decisions last night. Instead of going to a party I had no desire to leave the house for, to dance at a place where I have not been a big fan of the atmosphere, I stayed home. I watched Real Time With Bill Mahr and a Woody Allen movie. Slept at a decent hour and now have woken up at 7, waaaaay earlier then my standard weekend hour. I'm feeling content and excited with the prospects of my day.

Lessons learned this week:

Rain looks beautiful in the morning, when you can sit and enjoy it with a cup of tea.

Choose for you, you'll be happy with your choices.

Making space in your heart is important, it allows you to really sift through what you want.

Anger is okay. You're allowed.

Every once in awhile you can spazz out about work, there is a difference between a spazz and a toxic pattern.

If I don't write, the emotions stay in my body. I am more centered this way.

Just because you can facilitate a situation so that the feedback you give is clean, doesn't mean it doesn't cause an emotional reaction in you. You can be totally productive and functional and still walk away feeling like it hurts.

I spend 9% of my life reading and writing (thanks for the break down Rey), honor that and do some activities that honor it.

It's time to honor me.

I still sing a rockin disco song at The Mint and wahoo for free drinks. ;c) (thats my favorite)

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