Friday, March 02, 2007

Left to My Own Devices

Funny how you don't realize how much time you spend with people until you are planning our your week when they are on vacation. haha. So Bola, Alex and Rey are going on vacation extravaganzas. Spain, Barbados and Thailand respectively. Besides being totally jealous about not country hoppin with them. I'm just realizing how much time I spend with them on a week to week. haha. I mean we all have pretty jam packed lives. But we are integral parts of them. It's nice havin family here that way. Bola and Rey are truly my sisters. It's nice to have that unit.

Although I gotta admit, I'm a little excited about what I'll do with the time on my own. I think a road trip is definitely on the radar, maybe some time by myself in a very green area, movies, cafes, books in the park... the possibilities are endless. Send all suggestions to my Myspace Comments, most creative response to what to do with my time gets a prize! ;c)

I made a decision to take a super long vacation after workshop season. Guatemala here I come!

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