Saturday, March 03, 2007

Patchouli Mofo

Dear Patchouli Mofo,

So there should be a rule in San Francisco. If you drive a Z3, and are a jack ass, you shouldn't be allowed to troll the Haight cutting people off to get a parking spot. You also can't be driving that car and have dreads, wear hemp, puka shells and have the smell of patchouli covering up your funk. Listen mister holier than poser, BE NICE and let us Hyundai economy car drivers have the spots we've been circling 45 minutes for. I'm just tryin to go to my favorite earring store and get myself some kickin gear, I'm romancin myself and you are getting in my way. I believe it to be fraudulent for you to look so free love and to ultimately be a prick who cuts into my good mood. I'm sitting here dancing and singing Jerry Rivera/Salsa in my car. You are not allowed to intrude! I have a poetry slam to get to later that you are making me late for. So go and take your hypocritical lifestyle and park your car in the 10 dollar pay lot. Come on, lets be real. We both know you can afford it.

Thank you,

Grumpy LA Transplant

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