Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pssst... Go to Twin Peaks

So I have a secret. A lame and odd secret, but a secret all the same. I've had a few margaritas (not drunk by any means, but I knocked a couple back) so it seems like an opportune time to write my secret out. haha.

...So I'll go up to twin peaks at Sunset and ask families and tourist if they want me to take a full family picture. I know I am a LAME ODD individual for that secret, but for real, thats what I do. I haven't done it once, I've done it almost dozen times. I went and did it today. Oh for shame. I love it. lol.

I love going up to Twin Peaks when the sun is setting. It's just fantastic. It's high tourist time, but the light on the buildings down town is magnificent. Beautiful in a way that is hard to describe if you haven't seen it. The sun, it gets even brighter at sunset. Like it won't go down without a fight. It's orange glow goes on about 75% of the downtown building and everything else in the city looks hues of purple and gold. The light is great for pictures and it never fails that sets of toursit are up there trying to take advantage. They are sitting there struggling with wanting to enjoy the sunset and wanting documented memory of it. I'll go up there, enjoy the first few seconds of it. Breathe it in. Then I'll walk around and ask families if they would like me to take a complete family picture. Their faces when I ask this are awesome. Like I'm fuckin Santa on Christmas morning. The light makes for perfect pictures that illuminate both families and buildings in clarity. They look so happy to get that record of their trip. There are time that they may be arguing, but after I take the picture, they are too happy to continue, instead they coo at their cute visage. haha.

I love twin peaks. It is SF for me. I read there, I think there, I walk around. It's a quiet place in the early mornings and late nights. But at sunset, it lets me be this low intensity, low effort, freak of nature that helps families have good San Francisco memories. Ande that it what I did toniight at sunset. I didn't end up going to this poetry slam I wanted to go to because I lingered there too long, but it was worth it. It made me happy. and I'm loving this whole happy thing.

Then I went home, took another shower, looked at my Haight earring purchases, got dressed and went out on my own. I had a couple of drinks (purchased for me by nice guys) at this place called La Rondalla, then I met up with a new friend (who is really. for lack of a better term, super cool), got hit on by a few guys, had one more drink and brought my ass home. And here I sit, content and outing my secret photo indulgences. Knowing what a nerd I am but loving that I am that nerd. Sweet dreams everyone. I hope your day was as sweet as mine.

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LW said...

I miss the view from Twin Peaks all the time. And one of my favorite things to do all over the world is offer to take pictures for families, groups of friends and couples. And I love the margaritas at La Rondalla. And earring purchases from the Haight. And being tipsy. I feel everything you've written.